Graduation Events

Graduation is the culmination of a great deal of work and a celebration of achievement. CEU is committed to making graduation an unforgettable experience.

The CEU graduation ceremony takes place each year in June. At the ceremonies the CEU Open Society Prize is also awarded. Former recipients of the CEU Open Society Prizes include Sir Karl Popper (1994), Václav Havel (1999), Ricardo Lagos (2006), Carla Del Ponte (2007), Kofi Annan (2008), Martii Ahtisaari (2009), Louise Arbour (2010), the late Richard C. Holbrooke and Javier Solana jointly (2011), and Aryeh Neier (2012).

The Graduation Ceremony will be photographed and recorded on video. By participating in this event all attendees acknowledge that their likeness may be captured through photography and or video, which shall later be published on Youtube, Flickr or other publicly accessible websites.

Students on a Hungarian residence permit should pay special attention to the expiration date. It is extremely important to leave the territory of Hungary by this date: for most students the expiration date is June 22, 2014. Leaving Hungary beyond this date is not only illegal, but may cause unnecessary difficulties at the border control. This will also have consequences for any future entry into Hungary.
If - for any reason - you need to stay longer in Hungary, please contact the Student Life Office or send a mail to Richard Kartosonto,

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