Graduate Scholarships in Sociology and Social Anthropology, 2015-2016

The Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University emphasizes interdisciplinary and critical approaches to social issues. The integrated study of two disciplines fosters an environment that is conscious of the historicity of social science categories and theories, their meaning in different cultures, and engagement in the practical world.

Central European University is an English-language, graduate university located in Budapest, Hungary. CEU offers programs in the social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, business management, economics, environmental sciences and policy, and mathematics. 

CEU is committed to attracting talented students and scholars from around the world. The University provides a variety of scholarships and research grants for which applicants from any country are eligible to apply. CEU is accredited in the United States and Hungary.

Programs Offered

  • Master of Arts in Sociology and Social Anthropology (One Year)
  • Master of Arts in Sociology and Social Anthropology (Two Years)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology and Social Anthropology

Applications for Academic Year 2015-2016 will open in fall 2014.

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