The CEU Campus

Located in the heart of Budapest, CEU occupies several buildings in a vibrant downtown neighborhood just blocks from the Danube. Here you'll find important practical information regarding CEU’s campus buildings and facilities. 

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  • Click here for floor plans of CEU buildings and a map of the Nador u. campus area.

CEU Building Addresses

Central European University

1051 Budapest, Nador utca 9., 11., 13., 15.

1051 Budapest, Zrinyi utca 14.

1051 Budapest, Oktober 6. utca 7.

1023 Budapest, Frankel Leo ut 30-34.

1015 Budapest, Hattyu utca 14. (Hattyuhaz)

CEU Residence Center

1106 Budapest, Kerepesi ut 87.

CEU Press

1051 Budapest, Oktober 6. utca14.

OSA Archivum

1051 Budapest, Arany Janos utca 32.

Raoul Wallenberg Guesthouse

1015 Budapest, Toldy Ferenc utca 8-10.