November 25
Michael C. S. Wong (City University of Hong Kong)
November 25
Attila Melegh, Avetik Nersisyan, Irina Molodikova

Google Features OSA Exhibit on Fall of the Iron Curtain

Google features Open Society Archives' exhibit entitled "1956-301-1989, Prehistory to the 1989 Fall of Communism of Hungary" on its Cultural Institute website starting November 13, as part of a series of exhibits commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Iron Curtain.

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CEU Open House Q&A

Learn from currently enrolled students, as well as alumni, about their experience studying at Central European University in this Q&A panel session that took place during CEU's Open House.

Record-breaking Philanthropy Day Raises the Bar

The CEU community raised more than $1,100 during last week's Philanthropy Awareness Day, shattering last year's record and demonstrating major grassroots support for the University.

Semeniy Puts Ukrainian Crisis in International Perspective

Oleksiy Semeniy, director of the Institute for Global Transformations in Kyiv guided the audience through the domestic and international events of 2013-14 that triggered the state of war in Ukraine in his lecture on November 3.

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Even Our Definition of Child Trafficking is Wrong

Child trafficking doesn't mean selling babies to rich American parents. It means the exploitation and coercion of children. Zsuzsanna Vidra, research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies studies child trafficking in Hungary. 

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