Kertesz, Colleague Raise Concerns About Hungarian Research Grant Agency’s Loss of Autonomy

A new Hungarian law grants control over research grant awards for basic science to a large government office from January 1, 2015, raising concerns about the independence of the process, according to Professor Janos Kertesz of CEU’s Center for Network Science.

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Why Political Science at CEU?

Learn from currently enrolled students, as well as faculty, about their experience at Central European University in this playlist spotlighting various academic departments. 

The Practicalities of Stripping Terrorists of Citizenship

Christian Joppke, chair of general sociology at the University of Bern's Institute for Sociology, challenged the concept of stripping terrorists of their citizenship in this lecture “Terror and the Loss of Citizenship” on Jan. 20.

Balmaceda on How Energy Policies Shape State Building in Former Soviet States

Margarita M. Balmaceda, professor of diplomacy and international relations at Seton Hall University, presented how the way Belarus, Ukraine, and Lithuania coped with energy-dependency led to their current political landscape.

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Even Our Definition of Child Trafficking is Wrong

Child trafficking doesn't mean selling babies to rich American parents. It means the exploitation and coercion of children. Zsuzsanna Vidra, research fellow at the Center for Policy Studies studies child trafficking in Hungary. 

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